Are you curious about what we do? Would you like to participate in research? Are you over 19 years of age? Visit our research pool website to find a time to sign-up. Most studies in the lab take between 30 to 90 minutes to complete.

Students enrolled in some psychology courses may earn bonus points towards their final course grade. The percent bonus points differs among instructors. Some offer 1%, 2%, and even 3% bonus towards your final grade in their class. Other instructors offer none. Please see your course handout or ask your instructor for details.

All studies are conducted and organized in and around the Kwantlen Psychology Labs. This is a central area where psych students can use computers, access resources, attend class lab sessions, re-write tests, and participate in research.

The Kwantlen Psychology lab also keeps track and organizes other psychological research currently being conducted at the university. Students can contact the Psych Lab directly, or take a look on the research pool page.

Surrey Psychology Lab

Room: D214 (Fir Building)

Phone: 604.599.2161


Richmond Psychology Lab

Room: 2400

Phone: 604.599.2527