Ragav Kumar


BAA Psychology (In Progress)

Areas of Interest (Tentative)

Ragav Kumar

Hindsight bias, metamemory, memory accuracy and informativeness, anchoring and adjustment


I’ve taken a long, rather twisted route before settling into psychology. I started off in computer engineering. Then I moved to a different university, in a different province, and entered a creative writing program. Two years later, I found myself transferring to Psychology. I won’t say I’ve never looked back, but I am finding this field to be the most intriguing of the ones I’ve studied. It is only after entering this field that I find myself energized by my work; reading, conducting and presenting research are things which I find interesting, in the sense that I do them even when I don’t necessarily have to. In a sense, you could say that I am enamoured of the scientific process.

In the lab, I work with Dr. Bernstein on his multiple hindsight bias studies. I’m getting close to finishing my Bachelor of Applied Arts in Psychology here at Kwantlen, and am currently working on an honours project with Dr. Bernstein.

As a consequence of the skills I picked up during my time in the computer engineering program, I have opted to enhance my research by writing custom programs to gather data from participants; I have primarily been using Visual Basic, though my latest project is an online study which runs off of Java applets.

While all my work to date has been in hindsight bias, that does not necessarily mean that I intend to continue studying this phenomenon; while I find hindsight bias to be of great interest, I have also been deeply impressed by a number of other areas in cognitive psychology. I am currently uncertain whether I will continue to study hindsight bias, but I have every intention to continue to study human cognition.

My Curriculum Vitae


Kumar, R., Wilson, A., Coburn, P., Bernstein, D. M. (2011, May). Separating auditory hindsight Bias from priming. Poster presented at Northwest Cognition and Memory. Vancouver, BC.

Kumar, R. (2012, May). Hindsight Bias and Priming: Two Designs, Two Results. Presentation given at Connecting Minds. Vancouver, BC.

Jacobsen, S., Kumar, R., Bernstein, D. M. (2012, May). Auditory hindsight bias and priming. Poster presented at Northwest Cognition and Memory. Vancouver, BC.


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