Lecia Desjarlais


BA Psychology with Honours


Metamemory, false memory, stereotype threat, program evaluation, psychometrics, urban design, indigenous community planning


I finished my undergraduate degree in spring 2010 and I am currently preparing for graduate school in urban planning. I’ve also been a member of the Kwantlen Psychology Society (KPS) since 2010. I can often be found in the psychology lab in Surrey (D214) most weekdays. When possible, I like to encourage students to make use of the resources available to them within the university. I spend my free time reading science news, current affairs, and playing computer games. Being involved in psychological research is my top priority, and I try to be as available as possible to students and research assistants.


Desjarlais, McDonald, & Bernstein (2012). The Role of Individual Differences in Three False Memory Paradigms. Presented at Northwest Cognition and Memory

Desjarlais, Boorman, & Bernstein (2012). False Memories: An Ill-Defined Construct. Presented at Northwest Cognition and Memory

Desjarlais, Wilson, Pernat, & Bernstein (2011). This is More Difficult Than I thought! Auditory Hindsight Bias versus Estimation Bias. Presented at Northwest Cognition and Memory.