John Dema-ala


BA Psychology in Progress


cognitive and clinical neuropsychology, confirmation bias, brain plasticity, and clinical applications of existing scientific literature – particularly in regards to treating borderline personality disorder


I was born in Oakland, California and moved around a lot before finally settling in British Columbia, Canada. Research in the field of cognition has always interested me and, throughout my two courses with Dr. Bernstein, I was captivated by Daniel’s passion for psychology. I joined Dr. Bernstein’s lab in May 2012 because I felt that he would be a great person to help further educate me in the intricacies of psychology; I was also drawn by Daniel’s ability to make others develop a deeper interest and appreciation for learning about psychology. I want to better understand how to conduct effective, applicable research and I intend to attend graduate school after completing my degree at Kwantlen. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising, reading, and dj-ing electronic dance music.