Dan Freeman


Currently working on a social venture called go2gether


Learning, Impulsivity, Delay of Gratification, Substance Abuse, Positive Psychology, Inhibition


I love psychology because it offers so many outlets for people to better themselves. I find intelligence, memory, learning, attention and other facets of executive function to be the most interesting aspects of psychology. My goal is to work in a learning environment where I can specifically focus on improving children’s executive function mechanisms. I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to do this or in what setting but it is something I am passionate about. Currently, I am working towards my BA in Psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, volunteering as a crisis line operator, working on a measure of impulsivity for ADHD assessment, and working as a tradesman to pay the bills. I play rec football in my spare time and enjoy camping, fitness, nutrition, documentaries, and anything outdoors.

 Working with the Bernstein Lab has been a great experience to say the least. The work that comes out of this lab collaborates and competes with the huge labs from Ivy League institutions. You get big-lab results but you’re not just an assembly line worker towing the line so a professor you’ve only met once can get his or her name on another publication. You’ll be contributing ideas on a regular basis, working with focused, like-minded people and you receive the opportunity to make your own mark in psychological literature. It provided me with skills that I still use today — in a total different discipline, and I met some great friends along the way.