Interested in joining our research lab?

Research assistants (RAs) working in Dr.  Bernstein’s lab will be exposed to a variety of research experiences.  The main role of an RA is to run subjects through experiments. This includes obtaining informed consent, debriefing participants, and being able to properly administer the procedure.  Additionally, RAs may be asked to assist in creating testing materials, piloting studies, helping to develop new studies. There are many other small tasks involved in completing research and maintaining the lab. Often RAs are encourage to attend guest lecturers, and make full use of the resources that the university provides.

In order to be considered for entry you must:

  • Complete lower level statistics and research methods (PSYC 2300, PSYC 2400)
  • Maintain grade point average of 3.0 or above
  • Complete the TCPS 2 tutorial course on Research Ethics. Available at:
  • Commit to 5-10 hours each week

Please contact the lab manager if you are interested in joining the lab